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تحقیق فنداسیون Parking Structure Foundation Pour Schedule Dec 10 (لاتین) | مرسی فایل تخصصی ترین فروشگاه فایل

مرسی فایل | فروشگاه فایل مبانی نظری و پیشینه تحقیق , پرسشنامه , رساله و مطالعات معماری
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تحقیق فنداسیون Parking Structure Foundation Pour Schedule Dec 10 (لاتین)
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تحقیق فنداسیون Parking Structure Foundation Pour Schedule Dec 10 (لاتین)

تحقیق فنداسیون Parking Structure Foundation Pour Schedule Dec 10 (لاتین)
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Parking Structure Foundation Pour Schedule Dec 10
The second major concrete foundation pour for the multilevel parking structure on the Santa Rosa Campus is scheduled for this
Saturday, December 10 from 7 AM to 7 PM. The same protocols and access restrictions are in place as they were last week to
ensure a successful activity.
It is still advisable, unless you have classes or business on the Santa Rosa Campus, to avoid accessing the college from
Mendocino Avenue, especially between Elliott Avenue and Ridgeway. We still anticipate considerable congestion between
Steele Lane and College during the construction hours, though it was managed very well last week.
Contractors, engineers, and college staff alike are very pleased with the significant and positive interest in this particular
project, and find that there’s a very active interest in the excavation work and foundation pours. The safest place to view
the construction activity of the parking structure is from the top of the east bleachers at Bailey Field looking down at the
construction site. This project is a real team effort, and we are quite pleased by the performance of our contractor, Wright
Contracting, Inc., and their subcontractors
Foundation Vision Strip is an Energy Loser
Concern that termites will crawl into buildings behind foam foundation insulation has led several states to modify perimeter insulation requirements in their energy codes.
North Carolina now recommends a 2-in. gap, or “vision strip,” in the foam just below the sill plate so that pest control contractors can spot termite tunnels. For deep foundations, the code calls for another 4-in. gap below grade. Florida is considering a similar requirement. Georgia gives builders the choice of eliminating foundation insulation and increasing the insulation in attics from R-30 to R-38 or increasing wall insulation by R-1 to compensate. But according to Ned Nisson, editor of
Energy Design Update
, this option won’t begin to offset the cost of eliminating foundation insulation. And “how do you increase wall R-value by R-1 anyway?” he asks.
A separate analysis by Oak Ridge National Laboratory researcher Jeff Christian concluded that the vision strip called for in the North Carolina code imposes a severe energy penalty. According to Christian, so much heat moves to the bare spot and escapes from the building that the remaining insulation is no longer cost effective. “If you include a vision strip, you might as well not bother putting any insulation around the foundation.”
Secure Consulting Engineers’ primary business is the design of new foundations for all types of structures.  For the individual homeowner, we have designed decks, garden sheds, garages, pole barns, residential additions, and new homes.  For homebuilders, we have designed foundations for multiple track homes, large customs, and multi-family units
We regularly engage in foundation design engineering  for low rise commercial construction and a variety of industrial projects from radio towers and highway signs to office buildings and retail centers.
We are skilled in foundation design including spread footings, drilled concrete piers, driven steel and wood pile, geo-piers, helix piers, pad and grade beam, reinforced slab, and post-tensioned slab foundations.  We offer field quality assurance observations and a limited suite of
Foundation drain cleaning apparatus and method
This is a new apparatus and method for cleaning debris from the inside of a foundation drain tile, the drain tile being in the immediate proximity of the perimeter of a building structure. A rocket nozzle which is in fluid communication with flexible tubing and a high pressure water supply, and a foot pedal control valve is used for starting and stopping the fluid flow. An opening in the tip of the nozzle enables pressurized water to be discharged through the tip in a forward direction. At least two apertures are disposed along a nozzle recess. The tubing is secured to the nozzle and is in fluid communication with the nozzle. An on-off foot pedal control valve is used to start and stop the water flow into the tubing and into the nozzle. As pressurized water is supplied to the nozzle and projected through the apertures, the nozzle is propelled in a forward direction through the drain tile. The flow of the pressurized water through the nozzle causes the pressurized water to be projected through the opening in the nozzle tip. As the nozzle is propelled through the drain tile, the water flowing through the nozzle tip is continually directed at the debris at sufficient force to separate the debris from the drain. To assist in cleaning the drain tile, a series of cleanout pipes are installed near the junctures of the drain tile and conventional pipes located underneath the basement floor

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